Call for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Contact me if you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to be a part of this photography project

I started the photography project Our Experiences: Surviving Sexual Assault in July 2014. I am looking to expand this project both in the US & Internationally. Together, let's share with the world that this is happening in all communities, no matter what gender, race or age. I want to show the diversity and make sure every story is heard. It is a process that involves hearing the survivor’s story, photographing them and also having them write their story down on paper for the world to read.

Victims learn to be silent by their abusers, family, friends, media and society. Silence is what keeps the violence alive. Many hold this secret in for years or only tell the people they are closest to. The stories told are the ultimate truth; they show the flaws of the legal system, the devastating after effects, the struggles of speaking out, and the vulnerability of seeing the abuser. Each survivor has a unique story but as a whole we see the change that needs to happen.

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